Foreclosure House Sale

How We Find Properties Under Market Value
As you know many people are facing the unpleasant prospect of being underwater in their mortgage or not being able to make their payments. Some of these owners call us for help. At that point we secure an option from them and initiate what is called a short sale. A short sale happens when the lender is willing to sell the house for less than what they are owned for it. (If you happen to be in trouble with your mortgage, check out our website at
It’s a Win/Win/Win/Win
For the Homeowner: A successful short sale allows the homeowner to avoid having a foreclosure on their record which ruins their credit more than anything else including bankruptcy. A successful short sale helps them to rebuild their lives and their credit faster.

For You the New Buyer: Because the lender takes less than what they are owned and also less than what the house is worth, you get a home at a wholesale price instead of at retail. This gives you instant equity. (If you don’t see what you want in our selection right now you can click here to get on our buyer’s list and we’ll send you the hot new deals first.)

For Us: To be clear we are not real estate agents, we are investors. For the work of finding the homeowner, negotiating with the lender, and then finding you, we make a small profit margin in the deal.


What We’ll Need From You
There is no owner financing available on these houses. So, you will need to secure a loan. (If you are looking for owner financing, please check out our website at


Of course you can choose any mortgage broker you would like. If you don’t have one, we recommend a woman named Sheila Miller at (541) 434-2775. She is as good as they get and we often work closely with her. To move ahead with a new loan, Sheila (or any mortgage broker), will need to get a loan application from you. Click here for an online loan application.

It Won’t Last Forever—
So Act Now To Build Instant Equity

Like the stock market, no one can time the housing market and call the bottom. But one thing is sure—we will get to the bottom and may already be there. So don’t wait too long. Find a great value on a home at a wholesale price and build instant equity. Check out our houses and give us a call.

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